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Private Equity Investment

The Blue Banyan Equity team understands that success is often more cash hungry than failure. We have the flexibility to help you find a solution, ranging from cash investment to operational support and everything in between, we would love to discuss your company’s specific needs.

Small Business Equity

We are equity investors that can provide not only cash liquidity to grow your small business, but have support resources also available that may make the journey a little easier.


We want to partner with entrepreneurs who develop products or services where we can provide capital or use our facilities and support team to help them progress from concept to a stand-alone and viable business.


Good companies sometimes get dealt a bad blow that can devastate their future. Our Blue Banyan Team may be able to help work through the crisis.

Transition Planning

The Blue Banyan Equity team would be honored to visit on your situation and see if we can assist with an equity stake in the transitioning company.