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Our Partners

Our Partners

Company A
A high precision tool manufacturer in West Michigan, their patented system consists of an infrared laser beam passing through an optically transparent diamond-cutting tool, allowing one-pass, high precision surface finishing. This technology improves productivity, minimizes waste, reduces tooling costs, and revolutionizes the finishing process of hard and brittle materials used in high precision applications, such as semiconductors, advanced engineered ceramics and high-end optics. Blue Banyan is a co-investor to finance growth and new product development.

Company B
A Grand Rapids-based company created to acquire regional producers of specialty, GMO and non-GMO seeds. This company is focused on growing and acquiring small, local firms that focus on developing seeds for specific microclimates and specific grower needs that are underserved by the large multinational companies. Blue Banyan is an equity investor in financing acquisitions and growth.  

Company C
A micro cooperage based in West Michigan crafting high quality, leak free oak barrels from the best American made materials. This company was started to serve the rapidly growing micro distillery and brewery industry. Blue Banyan Equity is helping grow this business by financing new equipment and component manufacturing.

Company D
An innovative company providing Virtual Reality Locomotion Solutions. The patented technology allows for a seated, cable tangle-free, highly nimble, and hands-free locomotion solution for VR. This technology is a compact VR mobility solution that is not only fast, efficient, and effortless for movement keeping the user centered, comfortable, and focused, thereby greatly reducing potential VR-induced motion sickness allowing for lengthy and more deeply immersed VR experiences. Blue Banyan is providing financing, office and manufacturing space to build prototypes and product introduction to the VR industry.

Company E
A tool manufacturer based in Milford, Connecticut manufacturing high quality made in the USA tools. The company was started after struggling with typical clamps one too many times and knowing there had to be a better solution. An innovative clamp was invented utilizing an impact wrench to tighten the clamp, the Dimide clamp provides a quick, ergonomic solution while delivering high clamp load. Blue Banyan provided financing for manufacturing equipment and inventory to manufacture the new clamps.

Company F
A West Michigan based CNC machining services company striving to produce the highest quality machined components. Utilizing state of the art technology, this company serves the Aerospace, automotive and energy industries. Blue Banyan Equity assists with new equipment financing to meet company growth needs.

Company G
Two market leading companies in the Midwest serving the packaging die manufacturing industry. Combined companies provide state-of-the-art solutions for complex cutting needs in the consumer products, packaging, food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Blue Banyan is a co-investor to finance company expansion.

Company H
A real estate development company focused on revitalizing underutilized urban real estate in the Grand Rapids and Battle Creek markets. Blue Banyan Equity provided financing for future development projects.